Gabriel Gonsalves - Heart Intelligence Coach

Hi, I’m Gabriel Gonsalves. You can call me Gabs.

I am an expert at taking heart-centered leaders to their greatest levels of personal satisfaction and professional success. This includes having deeper, more loving relationships, experiencing greater health and wellbeing, while building a thriving, heart centered business that allows you to fully express yourself and have ample income to do what you love. (You can read my full bio here)

When you’re ready to discover what your heart has to say about your dreams and goals, let’s schedule a 90-minute Heart Visioning Session. This can be face to face if you live in Cape Town, or via telephone/Skype. Click here for more details or to book.

I also offer online courses at my online Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence, and host a Heart Intelligent Podcast, specially dedicated to supporting my fellow travelers along The Path of the Heart

And, if you’re new here and would like to learn how to create an amazing life by tapping into the intelligence, wisdom and power of your heart, I’d like to offer you a FREE two-week training that will change the way you feel about what is possible for your life.