Gabriel Gonsalves

"When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be The Lone Ranger, The Pope, and a famous movie actor or director. Here I am in my 40's, and I'm doing exactly that. Except it looks a lot different than I ever imagined, and it's all combined into a single profession: I am a heart intelligence coach."

Hello and Welcome!

I created this 'About Me' page with the conscious intention to express myself more authentically, and open myself to connecting with people I normally wouldn't connect with, as these days most of the people I meet is through my work as a Heart Intelligence Coach.

My Higher Calling

My soul's calling is to serve as a teacher of unconditional love - mostly, because that's what I've needed to learn the most! I'm on a mission to make this a more loving world and I'm doing this by creating products, events, training programs, and media projects that inspire people to live from the heart. Because when you live from your heart you live more fully, you love more openly, and you create a bigger impact in your world.

To me, Heart Intelligence Coaching is a kind of performance art that allows me to express my passion for God, personal development and spiritual growth, while using my creative talents, skills, and unique gifts for the purpose of creating transformative change in others. I believe that change, for it to be REAL, TRUE and SUSTAINABLE, must come from the heart. For when your heart changes, your Life transforms.

Spiritual Convictions

I believe that the purpose of life is to live wholeheartedly. I do this when I begin to fully embrace and integrate my humaness with my Divine "Christ-like" nature. My experience of God is not as a person, but rather as an Infinitely Loving Presence that is everywhere. When I pray, I speak to It. When I meditate, I become One with It. And when in deep contemplation, I recognize It in others, and in the magnificence of nature. I don't believe in "Heaven", "Enlightment", "Ascension," or shifting into "5th Dimension". What I believe in is in the undeniably healing, miraculous, and transformative power of Love. But not just Love, Love in ACTION.

Spirituality, if it's to truly serve me, must be PRACTICAL. It must allow me to demonstrate instant, clear, and palpable benefits in ALL areas of my life. Heart Intelligence provides you with a group of practices designed to increase your connection with your own heart, and the amazing YOU that lives inside - regardless of your religious orientation or whether or not you believe in 'God'. In my experience, it is the most powerful and practical skillset that will help humanity navigate these challenging times we're in by helping you access your inner Source of Love, Wisdom, Joy, and Guidance already contained within your own heart.

I consider myself a follower of the teachings of Jesus, The Christ. I believe that if he were alive in human form today he'd be standing in the corner of every church screaming off the top of his lungs, "Behold, the Kingdom of the Heart is at Hand!", and just like 2,000+ years ago, end up being crucified by our indifference. I see Angels and Archangels as Divine Messengers of God who always guide and protect me - specially The Ark Gabriel

Where I Hang my Heart

I live in a small beach town of Noordhoek, just 30 minutes from Cape Town. What I love the most about being here, is that I feel strangely at home. How I got here is a long story. Somehow, this place inspires me to slow down to the rhythm of life, and from that place I'm able to feel more loving, creative and free to help others. I also get to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world, mountain hikes, horseback riding on the beach, and the company of wonderful friends. It is indeed a nice change of pace after 7 years of living in Los Angeles, and successfully failing at trying to be someone I wasn't!

My Body as my Temple

I like to eat food that is real, green, clean, lean, and local. Though I must confess I do have a special weakness for Häagen-Dazs coffee icecream, Argentinian empanadas, Venezuelan arepas, French croissants, Belgium waffles, Karoo lamb and anything with chocolate in it.

I do not drink alcohol nor smoke cigarretes and I do my best to keep my body clean. I'm also not into recreational drugs - throughout my life I think I probably smoked pot about 7 times and tried ecstasy once. I've had two ayahuasca journeys, both here in South Africa and each was profoundly transformational, healing and revealing. I strongly believe in the healing power of Teacher Plants, that speak to us in the language of the spirit and the heart.

After moving to Noordhoek I traded my Virgin Active Gym Membership for a daily exercise practice that combines the outdoors with yoga, chi-gong, cross-fit, and body weight. It normally takes me 30 minutes to complete and I'm enjoying it so much more.

On Sex, Relationships and Intimacy

I don't believe in sexual labels, or one-size-fits all sexual definitions. Instead, I believe we all have unique sexual personalities based on our individual soul's journey, past experiences, tastes, preferences and conscious choices. To me, the word gay is an acronym for God As You. From this perspective, my conscious purpose in life is to become as GAY as I can possible be.

I'm currently single, and I'm open, available and ready to welcome someone VERY special into my life. Two and half years ago I stopped having casual sex, and have been celibate since. This came after I decided to follow my own advice after I created the Manifesting Love Program. I never imagined I'd be celibate this long! But hey, deciding not to settle for less means I must be willing to be patient, and wait. I'm so glad I did this, as I've come to realize that for a great part of my life I used to confuse being "lonely" with being "horny", and used sex as a way to cope with my feelings of abandonment, helplessness, and disconnection.

Since beginning this journey into my heart, my existing relationships are fewer and much more authentic and real, as I've learned to embrace and accept many aspects of myself, both positive and negative, I was denying and projecting onto others. This is probably the best gift I've given myself, and without doubt the best gift I'll be bringing into my future romantic relationship.

My Ideal Romantic Partner

Romantically, I would love to share my life with another man, preferably someone younger than me. I'm not sure if it's a family thing - my mother was 30 years younger than my dad - but I rather think I'd enjoy the challenge that will come with sharing my life and learning from someone younger. I'd love to be in a romantic relationship with an available, fun, loving, kind-hearted man where we both share a strong chemistry, and deep emotional and spiritual connection, that allows us to love, understand, and accept each other as we are. A man I can pray, argue, and play with. A relationship that is filled with positive, optimistic, authentic joyful thoughts, actions, attitudes, communications, and expressions of affection and love, that it brings out the best in both of us and inspires us to become better persons, and together make a much BIGGER impact in the world.

The Call to Fatherhood

Contrasting as it may sound, I'm also intending to become a father in the very near future. I feel strongly that by being initiated into the spiritual practice of fatherhood, I will grow in my ability to love unconditionally, and therefore will become a better person, teacher, and coach. I would love to meet a loving, kind-hearted and spiritually conscious woman, with whom I can conceive and co-parent a healthy, beautiful child - naturally. I'm including it here, because this is an important aspect of me that my romantic partner would have to embrace.

People I Enjoy Connecting With

Generally speaking, in both my personal and professional life, I'm mostly interested in connecting with real people, in real time, and from a real space. Though I understand the value of communication technologies, these days I'm mostly interested in building connections and relationships with people who are PRESENT, REAL, CONNECTED and HEART DIRECTED with whom I can connect physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I call these 4D relationships, where you get to connect with someone in the four dimensions: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I don't care what nationality, gender, skin color, race, sexual orientation, or age you are; when two people are brought together for a common higher purpose, and connect heart to heart, and soul to soul, miracles happen.

My Ideal Coaching Client

You are courageous, successful, powerful - you know you are here to make a BIG difference, to contribute and to achieve high levels of performance and success. You're ready to put your ass on the line in order to follow The Path of the Heart: the transformational journey you embark on when you make the decision to love yourself deeply enough to courageously go after 100% of what your Heart truly desires, and believe is possible. And you don't want to do it alone. In fact, you're tired of trying to do it alone. So you're looking for someone to partner with, someone who can support you along your journey, who will hold you and your dream. You want someone fun, real, authentic and capable, someone you can trust. And you're ready to fully commit your time, energy, and money to purposefully and wholeheartedly follow your biggest dream!

If this is you, and you resonate with what I'm about, then consider the possibility of connecting with me so that you can experience my coaching.

6 People I'd Love to Coach

This is a question my coach asked me once, so I'm putting it out here because you never know who might end up reading this! If the sky was the limit, and I could coach ANYONE in the world whose life and career would be deeply transformed by regularly spending time in conversation with me, I would love to coach: Oprah Winfrey, President Obama, Julius Malema, Ricky Martin, Leopoldo Lopez, and Leo DiCaprio.

Organizations I'd Love to Support

I believe that businesses can be a force for greater good and for transforming society into one that works for all. Building a conscious, coherent, heart intelligent business is one of the best ways to ensure long term sustainability, productivity and profitability and develop powerful competitive advantages. Because my life's purpose is to help make the world a more heart-centered, loving place, one person, one team and one organization at a time, I love to support organizations that know and understand that the engine of innovation in a business lives not only in the minds but also in the hearts of its employees.

Working with other Coaches

Because I know how challenging it can be to answer Life's call to serve, I am committed to supporting other coaches, healers, practitioners and change makers who are interested in creating a successful coaching practice by offering my first coaching apprenticeship program, a 9-month, experiential training in Cape Town beginning on March 18th, 2014.

The Bigger Picture

My bigger vision today is to build a Retreat Center in Noordhoek, where people from all over the world can come together and learn, practice, and embody Heart Intelligence. I'd love to hold a space for a community of heart-centered individuals to come together simply for the purpose of connecting, nurturing, helping and supporting each other, while expanding the awareness of love in this planet of ours, in a way that is fun, joyful, and easy.

Other projects for 2014 include the production of the first One Heart, One Mind Music Festival of Cape Town, and two online events: The Heart Leader's Summit, and the Heart'n Mind Festival of Learning.

Let's Connect!

If after reading this, you feel the calling in your heart and soul to connect with me, then please DO! I've already put my ass on the line by opening myself and being vulnerable here, so I'd like to request you do the same. A one liner email will most likely be ignored. I want you to be real, authentic, and put your ass on the line and open your heart to me if you're going to connect with me. Whether you have a project you want to talk to me about, you're looking for a coach, or you feel that you and I might be a good fit as friends - or maybe more, I'm always happy to create time to connect with you and have a powerful conversation that could change both our lives; and who knows, maybe the world!