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About Gabriel

Hi, I'm Gabriel Gonsalves. My friends call me Gabs.

As a professional Heart Intelligence Coach, trainer, facilitator, and artist, I help people create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, unique life purpose and true heart desires.

Through individual and group coaching programs and seminars, I teach a deep, heart-centered, and transformational approach to personal and spiritual growth, emotional self-mastery, and leadership development.

Venezuelan native, I grew up in the United States and now live in the beautiful city of Granada in Spain. Though I was raised Catholic, I feel most at home with the original teachings of Christ, the magic of Sufism, and the ancestral wisdom in the Native American Shamanic traditions. I also honor, value and respect the Universal Truth Teachings of countless Spiritual Masters, Saints, and Bodhisattvas that for centuries have guided humanity along the Path of the Heart.

I prefer the simple, rustic life near beaches, mountains, and open fields with horses. I enjoy gardening and growing my own food. I also enjoy playing the guitar and singing songs that help others connect with and heal their hearts.

My top three values in life are lovecreativity, and freedom. Above all, I value the power of human connection and the healing and transformative power of love in everyday life. I strive to live a non-dual, devotional lifestyle that recognizes and honors the presence of God in everyone and everything.

My favorite book is The Alchemist. My favorite movie, Cinema Paradiso. My favorite song, The Rose. My favorite fable, The Lion and the SheepMy favorite place in the world is anywhere where people's hearts are open, and the environment filled with great food, music, laughter, and dance.

When I work with someone, I bring to the table not only my rigorous scientific, philosophical, and spiritual studies in the ancient wisdom of the heart but also my personal life experience in dealing with sexual abuse, emotional healing, grief, addiction, and depression. I also bring the wisdom I've gained as a performer, New Thought minister, entrepreneur, artist, and workshop facilitator and all I've learned from coaching and counseling hundreds of people from all walks of life during the past twelve years.

If you’re looking for a coach to help you come home to your true self so that you can start creating the lifestyle, relationships, and career your heart is longing for, there are several ways we can work together: