Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence

Deep, Heart-Centered Transformational Programs facilitated by Gabriel Gonsalves

About Us

The Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence is an online learning portal for people who want to live in greater alignment with their core values, highest purpose and the deepest desires of their heart.

Through group learning programs, online courses and live seminars, participants learn a wholehearted approach to personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, emotional self-mastery, and conscious relationship building.

What Makes Our Programs Different?

While most personal development programs out there focus on the mental and psychological aspects that drive human behavior, my programs also explore the roles that our Emotions, Heart-Brain Coherence and Electro-magnetic Attractor Fields play in personal growth and spiritual transformation.

The processes, tools, and techniques I teach will change the way you see and experience your world. And when you change the way you see and experience your world, your world changes. Therefore, expect many changes to take place in your life!


Our Approach to Personal Development

Our goal is to help you integrate the emotional/intuitive intelligence of the heart with the rational intelligence of the mind so that you can live your life from a greater and higher perspective. Our approach to personal growth and spiritual development is Deep, Heart-Centered and Transformational.


We'll take a deep dive into the key determinants of your life: core values, purpose and heart desires. Then, we'll create a new vision for your life and remove all resistance to change.


You'll learn the cutting-edge science of Heart-Brain Coherence so that you can master your emotions, access your inner guiding system and respond to life from compassion, kindness, and love.


I'll guide you on the Path of your Personal Christhood so that you can transcend your human limitations and manifest your highest potential. You'll become the person you're destined to be!

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


How Our Programs Could Change your Life


Live in Greater Alignement with your Higher Purpose

Live your life more consciously and in alignment with the present moment. Access your inner source of love, wisdom, and guidance so that you can make important decisions while you also reach higher levels of creativity, problem-solving and higher order of thinking.


Improve your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Learn to consciously shift away from negative emotions and instantly experience greater joy and ease. Boost your overall physical, mental and emotional health while you build a reservoir of positive emotions that will sustain you during challenging days.


Experience Success on Your Own Terms

Learn to live in such way that your work and career are an authentic expression of your deepest motivations and values in life. Start building a thriving heart-centered that allows you express your life purpose, while you create all the income you need to do what you love.


Create Deeper, More Loving Relationships

When you relate to others from a more real, calm, and trusting space, you’ll enhance all of your relationships and feel more confident and safe. Get ready to feel more connected to others by using the power of vulnerability to express yourself more authentically.


Release Mental Blocks and Addictive Patterns

Overcome any addictive patterns and behaviors that are keeping you from fully going after your heart’s desires. Learn how to turn your cravings into creativity while you also heal emotional wounds from the past and recover from emotional pain and loss.


Coach and Lead Others More Powerfully

Take your coaching and leadership skills to the next levels by learning a powerful framework that is heart-centered, integral, results focused, and deeply transformational. Support others in achieving their biggest, boldest dreams, and in the process achieve yours.

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