Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence

Deep, Heart-Centered Transformational Programs facilitated by Gabriel Gonsalves

The Curriculum

The Academy's Core Curriculum is consists of nine learning modules, each one focusing on the development of a specific skill necessary to become a Heart Leader. A Heart Leader is a transformational leader who coaches, guides and supports others through their own personal transformation from a place of courage, compassion, kindness and love.

"True leaders follow until they are ready to lead."

~ A Course of Love


The journey of Heart Leadership begins the moment you develop the skills of tuning-in, listening to, and following your heart.


Develop the skills necessary to create a life that is in greater alignment with your core values, life purpose and true heart desires.


Learn how to master your emotions, remain calm and collected so that you can respond to life from compassion, kindness, and love.


Communicate clearly, effectively and compassionately with others so that you can build deeper and more meaningful relationships.


Learn the art of Heart Intelligence Coaching so that you can guide and support others in achieving their highest potential.


Learn how to have the type of conversation that leads to creating a new client or enlisting someone's participation, help or support.


Build a conscious, heart-centered business or practice that allows you to create deep, transformative change in others.


Transcend your self-imposed limitations and manifest your highest destiny by following the Path of Personal Christhood.


Lead, guide and support others from a place of courage, compassion and love. Become the change you want to see in the world.

The Three Levels of the Training

The Academy's Curriculum is delivered through three core training programs, each level building upon the previous one in intensity and complexity. All programs are delivered long-distance using our Virtual Classroom Platform and include live group sessions, pre-recorded lessons, peer-to-peer support and a resource library to support you along your journey.

Living from the Heart

Introductory Level

Modules 1 & 2

Emotional Self-Mastery

Intermediate Level

Modules 3 & 4

The Heart Leader

Advanced Level

Modules 5-9

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