Group Training Programs

In addition to my individual coaching program, I also offer three core training programs, each level building upon the previous one in intensity and complexity. All programs are delivered long-distance using our Virtual Classroom Platform and include live group sessions, pre-recorded lessons, peer-to-peer support and a resource library to support you along your journey.

Living from the Heart

Introductory Level Program

For individuals who desire to learn how to follow their hearts so that they can create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, life purpose and deepest heart desires.

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Emotional Self-Mastery

Intermediate Level Program

For people who wish to understand and manage their emotions so that they can respond to life and communicate with others from a place of compassion, understanding, empathy and love.

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The Heart Leader

Advanced Level Program

A certified training in Heart Intelligence Coaching and Transformational Leadership for individuals who desire to make a deep, meaningful and powerful impact in the lives of others.

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