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Ways We Can Work Together

Hi, I'm Gabriel Gonsalves and specialize in helping people come home to themselves so that they can create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, unique life purpose, and true heart desires.

If you’re ready to start taking clear, powerful, and courageous steps towards creating the life, relationships, and carer your heart is longing for, there are several ways we can work together:

For Individuals

Personal Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to create deep, meaningful changes in your life? Build a conscious, heart-centered business that is an expression of who you really are? Through deep, heart-centered, transformational one-on-one coaching sessions our work together will help you uncover your hidden potential and give you the necessary tools to succeed.

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Group Programs

Through the Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence, I offer three core training programs, each level building upon the previous one in intensity and complexity. These programs will help you develop the consciousness and skills necessary to become a Heart Leader.

Level 1) Living from the Heart

Introductory program for individuals who desire to learn how to follow their hearts so that they can create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, life purpose and deepest heart desires.

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Level 2) Emotional Self-Mastery

Intermediate program for people who wish to understand and manage their emotions so that they can respond to life and communicate with others from a place of compassion, understanding, empathy, and love.

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Level 3) Coaching & Leadership

Advanced certified training in Heart Intelligence Coaching and Transformational Leadership for individuals who desire to make a deep, meaningful, and powerful impact in the lives of others.

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Weekend Seminars & Retreats

The Path of the Heart Seminars

The Path of the Heart Seminars are a fun, interactive, and safe space for you to heal your heart and learn how to relate to others in a more conscious, real, and heart-directed way. You'll also learn several Emotional Self-Mastery tools that will help you create a new vision for your life that is in greater alignment with your core values and deepest desires of your heart.

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PS. If you’re unsure where to begin and would like to have a conversation with me so that I can help you determine what program would best serve you, click here to request a conversation with me.