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Hi, I’m Gabriel Gonsalves. My friends call me Gabs. I'm a professional Heart Intelligence Coach, trainer, facilitator, and artist. I help people create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, unique life purpose, and true heart desires.

The question that drives my life is, "How can I live more fully, authentically, and in greater alignment with who I really am?"

To answer this question, over the past 12 years I have developed a deep, heart-centered, and transformational approach to personal and spiritual growth, emotional self-mastery, and leadership development that leverages the power of our emotions, the science of Heart-Brain Coherence, and the effect of electro-magnetic attractor fields. I call this framework Heart Leadership.

The Heart Leadership framework focuses on the following seven key topics:

1) Heart-Centered Living
Have you ever wondered what does it mean to follow your heart? More importantly, what would your life look like and feel like if you gave yourself permission to create a life that is in alignment with the real, essential version of you?

2) Emotional Self-Mastery

What if you had the capacity to remain calm and centered no matter what is happening outside? What if you could regulate your emotions and completely eliminate stress from your life?

3) Compassionate Communication

Imagine being able to communicate with others from a place of compassion, appreciation, and love. How would being kinder and more compassionate with yourself and others change or transform your relationships? Your life?

4) Emotional Healing

What if you could heal old traumas and emotional wounds on your own without the need of a therapist, healer, or coach? Imagine reconnecting with that vulnerable, sensitive part of you called the "inner child", and restore it to its original blueprint?

5) Coaching & Facilitation
Imagine what it would feel like to be able to coach and facilitate change in others so that they too could live in greater alignment with who they really are? What if you could become a catalyst for change in other people's lives?

6) Personal Christhood

What if you could start living today from the love, wisdom, and power that is always being channeled by your Higher Self? How different would your life be if you got to embody many of the same qualities that Jesus Christ expressed to those around him?

7) Transformational Leadership
Imagine being someone who is making a deep, meaningful, and powerful impact in the world by running a highly successful business that is custom fit for you. What if you could lead others from a place of vulnerability, courage, compassion, and love?

If any or all of the above resonates with you, then you're in the right place. Like me, you're one of the thousands of people who are waking up to their hearts and the greater truth that lives inside it:

That you are more powerful, awesome, and amazing than you think!

The intention behind everything I do, create and share is to help you live more fully, authentically, and in greater alignment with the truth inside your heart. There, in the silence of your heart lies the greatest power known to anyone.

YOU are this power.

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Thank you for being here. I look forward to connecting with you either at the Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence or one of my upcoming training programs or seminars.

From my heart to yours,

Gabriel Gonsalves

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